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Quattro Automatic Airless Spray Gun


Quattro Automatic Airless Spray Gun (Nordson)

Manufacturer: Nordson

Technical Specification

Dimensions (h x l x w): 82.55 mm (3.25 in.) x 139.70 mm (5.50 in) x 149.23 mm (5.875 in.)
Weight: 5.22 kg (11.50 lb)
Air Requirements:  2.75-8.27 bar (40-120 psi)
Maximum Fluid Pressure Standard: 117 bar (1700 PSI)
With high pressure option kit: 206 bar (3000 psi)


This automatic airless gun features a four-in-one valve design to allow automatic colour changing without repositioning. It can accommodate up to four (4) different colors, or three colours and a flushing solvent, i.e. four colours can be circulated through the fluid gun bodies, allowing only one color to be sprayed by actuating the respective air piston of the gun. A heater is available as an option to reduce and control material viscosity.

The packing cartridge is Teflon-coated to avoid material buildup on the shaft and spring. Another feature is the fast cycling with positive cutoff which provides precise operation with minimal dripping and spitting.


for a variety of coating materials, including high solids, waterbornes, highly corrosive materials and difficult to spray coatings, for both non-circulating or circulating, especially where a frequent colour change is required.

Manufacturer Contact:

Nordson Corporation

(picture source: Nordson Corporation)

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