COBALT HVLP Gravity Spray Gun

COBALT HVLP Gravity Spray Gun – 1.6mm


Sharpe COBALT Spray Gun, HVLP

Item No.: 5816l

Technical Information:

Nozzle: 1.6-mm
Air Consumption: 13.9 CFM
Air Pressure HVLP (max.): 50 PSI (3.4 bar)


The COBALT of Sharpe is available as conventional as well as HVLP gun. It can be considered as an economic spray gun suitable for a wide range of medium fluids and topcoasts.


Topcoat, medium solids, colors and clears

Service Manual

manual (source: Sharpe)

Competitor Products:

Devilbiss GTI-PRO, Binks Mach1

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