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Devilbiss on a Budget – Spray Gun FLG-4 vs. FLG-5 vs. Starting Line


Review: Devilbiss StartingLine SLG-G620 vs. FinishLine FLG-4 & FLG-5

Devilbiss is well known for its high-end spray guns for automotive refinishing and for general industrial finishing. But Devilbiss can also budget. With this article we would like to provide information and comparison for the Devilbiss FinishLine FLG-4, FLG-5 and StartingLine SLG-G620.

 Model  FLG-4  FLG-5  SLG-620
 Atomization Technique  Conventional, HVLP  Trans-Tech  HVLP
 Nozzle Sizes  1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.2mm  1.4, 1.8mm  1.0, 1.3, 1.8 mm
 Feed Type  Gravity-Suction-Pressure  Gravity-Suction  Gravity
 Air Consumption (max.)*  13 CFM/386 lpm  9.8 CFM/277 lpm  13 CFM/386 lpm (Full Size Gun), 8 cfm (Touchup Gun)
 Cup Capacity  900 cc/30 oz. (Aluminum Cup), 20 oz. (Acetal Cup)  560 cc/19 oz. (Gravity), 1140 cc/39 oz. (Suction)  650 cc/22 oz. cup (Full Size Gun), 250 cc/8.5 oz. cup (Touchup Gun)
 Rebuild Kit  FLG4-488-K  K-5040  Full Size: 802425,  Touchup: 802426
 Spare Parts  available  Nozzle, needle, air cap  Nozzle & needle, cups

Note: The air consumption of a spray gun depends mainly on the air consumption of the air cap. This is an important figure in order to determine the right size of air compressor. In general, HVLP air caps tend to have higher air consumption than conventional air caps.

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown/Instructions:

Finish Line FLG-4 Gravity
Finish Line FLG-4 Pressure Feed
Finish Line FLG-5
Starting Line SLG

Applications & Summary:

The Devilbiss Startingline, only available as gravity feed, is the typical automotive refinishing spray gun which is suitable for basecoat, clearcoat and primer. The touchup model complements the StartingLine series. The HVLP atomization makes the range also suitable for sunny California.

The FinishLine FLG-5 also targets automotive refinishing but with Trans-Tech air caps instead of HVLP and a lower number of nozzle sizes. However, the air consumption can be around 30% lower which should be considered when choosing the right air compressor.

The FinishLine FLG-4 is also suitable for automotive refinishing (1.3, 1.5, 1.8mm for base coat, clear coat & primer) but also for general industrial finishing applications. The nozzle size of 2.2mm and the option of conventional air atomization allows the spraying of higher-viscosity materials, also in connection with a pressure tank if needed.

Positive with all three spray guns: Rebuild kits and important spares (nozzle, needle) are available. The widest range of spare parts is available for the FLG-4 which allows easier maintenance and better long-term planing.

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