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LPH300 spray gun

Anest Iwata reintroduces LPH300-LV spray gun


Anest Iwata USA, Inc. announced the reintroduction of the LPH300-LV spray gun. Discontinued in 2011, the LPH300 has been reintroduced due to increased demand for a flexible, multi-purpose spray gun for industrial applications, according to the company.

The LPH300-LV was discontinued as an automotive spray gun in 2011 in favor of a larger bodied model. However, recent gains in the industrial market have identified the demand for a flexible, multi-purpose gun. Featuring patented Anest Iwata LV technology, the LPH300-LV is a center post, gravity fed HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray gun. The lightweight, compact gun body is designed to reduce fatigue during extended use. In production environments, the LPH300-LV is very suitable for small surface areas such as difficult to reach spaces. The spray gun is suitable for spraying topcoats, NGR stains, and industrial basecoats.

Picture: LPH300-LV spray gun of Anest Iwata (source: Anest Iwata)

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